Reds Apple 7 Daze Salt Series

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Reds Apple 7 Daze Salt Series Review:

7 Daze first captivated the vaping community years ago with their exquisite apple juice flavor, and since then, they’ve been unstoppable. Simply put, no one quenches the thirst like this brand, while still continuing to find ways to satisfy our cravings with fruity beverages that never fail to hit the spot. Now, they have given us Reds Apple 7 Daze Salt Series.

Reds Salt is an apple juice-inspired line that can be enjoyed in pod mods. Each vape flavor is made with high-quality nicotine salts so that you can feel nice and refreshed while enjoying a dazzling dose of potent nicotine.

Reds Apple 7 Daze Salt Series has managed to find the finest fruit extracts that money can buy, which is why their E-Juices boast clean and authentic tastes. Whether you’re craving tropical mangoes, tangy grapes, or even cool watermelons, your vaping needs will be quenched.

NOTE: These E-Liquids are only compatible with low-wattage systems designed to handle salt-based juices.