Skwezed Salt

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Skwezed Salt Review:

You’d have to be living under a rock to not know that Skwezed is one of the best-selling fruity vape collections of all time. What’s their secret, you ask? Well, these guys go above and beyond to source the best-quality flavoring extracts that they can possibly find, which is why each and every one of their fruity offerings has that deeply authentic taste that’s nuanced, balanced and most importantly, super natural and clean-tasting. Now, their Skwezed Salt line delivers the same bold and wonderful fruity vapes, and this time, they’re enhanced with salt-based nicotine for an extra punch of pure vaping pleasure.

If you know anything about Skwezed, it’s that they consistently prove that single-fruit vapes don’t have to be boring, as theirs are full of a spectrum of flavor notes that each hit the spot in their own unique way, while the sweetness level is always on point. And, when menthol is added in sometimes, the entire vape session gets even fresher.

Skwezed Salt offers a large variety of flavors, just like its predecessor line, so that you can stock up on your very favorite fruits and keep them in solid rotation. Look through their collection and you’re certain to find options that are calling your name.