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Beard Vape Co E-liquid Review:

Based in Venice, California, Beard Vape Co E-liquid has been dazzling vapers with their mouth-watering flavors since 2014. Every E-Juice from their outstanding line vapes authentic and is free of artificial-tasting sweetness.

The vape juice flavors from Beard Vape Co are among some of the top-selling juices of all-time, and there’s a reason why. The brand’s creative team approaches flavors in the same way that a skilled chef concocts an award-winning dish. Every juice is extremely nuanced and made with the very best ingredients that the brand can get their hands on.

Beard Vape Co E-liquid’s enormous collection offers everything from sugary candies to smooth tobacco flavors, to wonderful fruits to custard flavors, to donuts and cake flavors, to even unique dessert combinations and sweet beverage flavors. One thing that you can count on is that you won’t find the same old boring lineup of predictable flavor options. Beard Vape Co sets out to excite the senses with unique layers, and isn’t afraid to take a classic treat and give it a twist that inevitably leaves the taste buds begging for more.

We love a brand that wants to do more than simply play it safe, and we know that most vapers feel the same way. Their excellent flavors don’t just make the palate feel euphoric – they evoke the imagination in ways that few e-juices truly can.

Another thing that can’t be overstated is their absolute obsession with quality. Beard Vape Co has a reputation for being extremely meticulous when it comes to sourcing each and every ingredient. Never ones to skimp out in favor of profits, they select each flavoring agent for its authenticity, and the result is natural-tasting flavors that never leave that irritating synthetic aftertaste that comes from using artificial sweeteners and chemical-laden extracts.

Whatever it is that you crave, be it in a freebase (The One Eliquid), salt-based nicotine (Beard Vape Co Salt and The Salty One), or even a disposable vape device form (Beard Disposable Device 1000 PUFFS), Beard Vape Co has an Ejuice that’s sure to please your vaping palate instantly.