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Nomenon E Liquids Review:

Did you think that single-fruit flavors were boring? Well, think again. For a long time now, Nomenon E Liquids has been at the top of the vaping pyramid with a selection of premium e-juices that each take a fruit that we absolutely love and give it the full candy treatment. The result is a series of sticky and sweet treats that each enchant the palate in their own special way. We all know how many disappointing candy vapes are on the market today, with fruity flavors that taste like anything but the real thing, and sweetness that just doesn’t taste natural in any way. That’s why the vaping community has held Nomenon in such high regard for so long – each of their flavors is just like sucking on a fruity treat that refreshes the palate with real fruit nectar while making the sweet tooth explode with excitement.

Nomenon E Liquids has been exploring new ways to satisfy vapers’ needs as of late, which is why they’ve been developing new lines inspired by their original collection. They’ve developed ways to combine rarely-blended fruity flavors to create new and exotic flavor profiles, which hit the spot in ways that simply can’t be put into words. And, they’re always using the finest ingredients while they concoct their stunning offerings.

So, what type of fruity candy are you craving? As you look through Nomenon’s collection, plus their Nomenon Noms X2, Nomenon Salt, and Nomenon Noms X2 Salt lines, you’re certain to find at least one option that tickles your fancy. The only downside to these vapes is that they’re so darn satisfying, you’ll never be able to take them out of rotation. Doesn’t sound like such a bad deal, does it?