Strange Fruit

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Strange Fruit Review:

The E-Juice collection from Strange Fruit by Puff Labs proves that strange can be a good thing. This whimsical and slightly wacky collection of E-Liquid misfits consists of flavor combinations that you’ve never experienced before in your life. Each vape flavor is unbelievably tasty, making your palate scream for more as soon as you put your device down.

The four e liquid flavors from Strange Fruit: Fried Eye Scream, Frooty Booty, Rotten Candy and Spoiled Milk, provide you with the taste of sinful sweets that you crave. From fried ice cream to a fruity snow cone, to candy to pie, embracing the strange side never vaped so good.

And for vapers that want some extra strangeness in their vaping lives, check out Puff Labs Salt or simply grab any bundle and experience just how good these E-Juices are.

Each Puff Labs flavor will tickle your sweet tooth and excite your taste buds with flavorful combinations that you can only enjoy in a vape form.