Beard Vape Co. Disposables

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Beard Vape Co. Disposables Review:

Beard Vape Co is one of the most successful e-liquid manufacturers of all time, offering up a stunning lineup of extremely innovative e-liquids, many of which are inspired by classic desserts. The brand has more than made their mark on the vape juice industry, which is why we’re so pleased that they’ve turned some of their attention on the ever-growing world of disposables.

Beard Vape Co’s disposable device is extremely well-constructed, showing that the brand can do more than just craft outstanding vape juices – not that that’s something to overlook in any regard. Filled with 3 milliliters of e-liquid, it’s outfitted with a powerful 550mAh battery to deliver plenty of cloud action. Long and slender, it’s also very pocket-friendly, and requires no maintenance whatsoever – just pull on the mouthpiece and enjoy one satisfying draw after another. You’ll enjoy approximately 1300 puffs before needing a new device.

The device is clearly capable of satisfying your needs on the tech front, but the flavors are what it’s all about. Unsurprisingly, Beard Vape Co has given us some of their best flavors in disposable form, like Cinnamon Funnel Cake, Blueberry Lemonade, Strawberry Kiwi Ice, and more, to evoke the imagination and glorify the taste buds.