GOST Vapor E-Liquid

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GOST Vapor E-Liquid

GOST Vapor E-Liquid Review:

Based in gorgeous California, GOST Vapor produces eliquid flavors that vape enthusiasts want. Their ejuices nail iconic flavors like fluffy, syrup-drenched pancakes and crisp, buttery cookies.

The secret behind these exquisite flavors is a team of creatives who understand that quality matters. All of the ingredients are tested in order to ensure maximum flavor. You’ll never find questionable ingredients or cheap filler additives in a bottle of GOST Vapor eliquid.

If your idea of an indulgence involves a big stack of pancakes smothered in glorious toppings, you’ll absolutely fall in love with The Pancake House, GOST Vapor’s special line of pancake-inspired vape juices. Vapers can’t get enough of flavors like Banana Nuts, a stack of tangy buttermilk pancakes topped with creamy banana slices and savory walnuts. There’s also Blueberry Flapjacks, a pancake flavor that’s topped with fresh blueberries, gooey maple syrup and gobs of rich, creamy butter.

Other pancake flavors include Glazed Strawberry, a stack of buttermilk pancakes loaded with juicy strawberry slices, and Golden Maple, a flawless take on buttery pancakes that have been slathered in creamy butter and golden maple syrup.

GOST Vapor also has two exquisite flavors that are as delicious as they are unique. Gold vape juice is a coffee-infused cookie that’s crisp, buttery and splendidly sweet. This e-juice will satisfy any cookie lover. There’s also Red vape juice, a luscious combination of juicy mango, zesty grapefruit and tart passion fruit. Anyone who wants to satisfy their thirst while they vape will drool over this stunning fruit blend.

The vape juices from GOST Vapor all contain over eighty percent vegetable glycerin (VG). This gives each e-liquid its deeply smooth flavor and serious vapor production. When you vape a GOST Vapor ejuice, you’ll produce massive, dense vape clouds.

The six vape juices from GOST Vapor are made with quality ingredients and deliver intoxicating flavor to the palate.

The GÖST team consists of vapers who have been in the scene since the beginning. The constant search for new tastes inspired us to develop flavors the vaping community has never tasted before. GÖST’s flavors and bottling have been in development for over a year pinpointing flavors that would change the game with a bottle unlike anything on the market.