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Juice Roll Upz Ejuice


Juice Roll Upz Ejuice Review:

Juice Roll-Upz was founded in Los Angeles, California. The nostalgic juice collection brings you back to your childhood offering the following flavors: Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon Punch and Orange-Cherry fruit roll up flavor in a bottle. The max VG e-liquid is mixed and bottled in ISO clean facilities, with child safety caps and seals. Available in 30ml and 120ml bottles.

Juice Roll Upz is the vape juice brand to know if you want to vape your favorite candy flavors from childhood. They have masterfully concocted juicy fruit flavors that taste just like those sweet rolls of gummy candy. Each is made with high-quality ingredients, ensuring a deeply enjoyable vape.

Strawberry vape juice from Juice Roll Upz delivers that classic strawberry gummy candy flavor. Each puff is guaranteed to bring back memories of chewing on your favorite candy when you were a kid.

With each inhale, tangy strawberry candy flavor delivers intense satisfaction to the tongue. With each exhale, sugary candy goodness gives the sweet tooth an unapologetic dose of pure pleasure.

Watermelon Punch
The very first inhale of Watermelon Punch ejuice from Juice Roll Upz will instantly transport you back to childhood. This sweet and tangy flavor explodes with juicy fruit splendor.

Each inhale delivers cool watermelon flavor that is dripping with juiciness. Each exhale delivers that fruity punch flavor that intoxicates the taste buds.

Blue Raspberry
Blue Raspberry ejuice delivers a sour and sweet flavor extravaganza that’s guaranteed to make your mouth water. If blue raspberry was your fruity flavor of choice as a kid, this one is gonna make all of your candy-related dreams come true.

On the inhale, deliciously sour blue raspberry flavor wakes up the palate instantly. Then, as you exhale, sugary raspberry candy flavor delights the sweet tooth like nothing else.

Orange-Cherry ejuice is a fruity explosion of ripe cherries and juicy oranges. The bright citrus fruit blends perfectly with the sugary sweetness of cherry candy. This is exactly what your sweet tooth craves.

On the inhale, a rush of tart and refreshing orange flavor floods the tongue. On the exhale, sweet cherry candy flavor intoxicates your taste buds.

Each vape juice from Juice Roll Upz delivers juicy candy flavor with a side of sweet nostalgia. Check out all the flavors today if you are looking for those classic sugary tastes.