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Food Fighter Juice

Food Fighter Juice Review:

Food Fighter Juice is a premium eliquid company based out of Miami, Florida. The complex yet mouthwatering flavors of Crack Pie, Raging Donut, Vapeade and Pound It, bringing you back to those simpler times. Food Fighter Juice offers sweet dessert and drink flavors. Food Fighter E juice delivers fun labels on each bottle, however; each ejuice is made of the finest ingredients and with max VG. Food Fighter Juice is part of the same umbrella as Midnight Vape Co who brought you GUSH and ROLLY. Discover why Food Fight Juice has everyone talking.

Food Fighter Juice exploded onto the vaping scene with four outstanding e-juices. Each vape juice from Food Fighter is satisfyingly sweet and outstandingly rich, satiating dessert fanatics everywhere. Food Fighter Juice is known for their use of high-quality ingredients, resulting in tasty vapes that deliver authentic flavor.

Each premium vape juice by Food Fighter Juice comes in a glass bottle. Their eliquids consist of a base of 80 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 20 percent propylene glycol (PG), guaranteeing big and puffy clouds with each exhale.

Crack Pie
Crack Pie vape juice is a shamelessly rich treat that you won’t be able to put down. On the inhale, intensely buttery graham cracker crust makes the mouth water. Then, outrageously rich salted caramel gives the taste buds sweet and savory flavor notes that satisfy instantly. On the exhale, powdered sugar gives the sweet tooth an extra kiss.

Pound It
Pound It vape juice is the ultimate treat for pound cake lovers. Each inhale delivers a punch of bright lemon zest to the tongue, waking up each taste bud immediately. Then, lusciously buttery pound cake flavor makes the palate jump for joy. On the exhale, smooth and creamy vanilla icing gives this flavor an extra hint of decadence.

The Angry Munchkins
If you’re obsessed with those little glazed doughnut holes, The Angry Munchkins vape juice is for you. On the inhale, that luxurious doughnut flavor punches the taste buds before a drizzle of sugary glaze hugs the sweet tooth. Next, luscious blueberry jam refreshes the palate. On the exhale, smooth condensed milk makes this flavor experience even more luxurious.

The Raging Donut
Looking for the ultimate doughnut flavor? The Raging Donut vape juice has won over the vaping community with its authentic doughnut taste. On the inhale, the taste of a buttery, freshly-fried doughnut will make your mouth water. Then, rich and sugary strawberry frosting will make your sweet tooth sing with excitement. On the exhale, a satisfying coating of your favorite fruity cereal will send your taste buds to heaven.

When it comes to indulgent dessert flavors, no one does it quite like Food Fighter Juice. They have become a favorite thanks to their delightful vape juices that explode with layers of sugary goodness.