The Salty One - Beard Vape Co

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The Salty One - Beard Vape Co Review:

You cannot call yourself a real-deal vaper if you don’t know Beard Vape Co. These guys have singlehandedly raised the standards of juice-making within the industry by concocting luxuriously complex, bold and authentic flavors. Now, they’ve released The Salty One – Beard Vape Co, a line of salt nic E-Liquids that tantalize the palate like crazy while providing that gorgeous blast of salt-based nicotine for the most satisfying vaping experience imaginable.

The Salty One – Beard Vape Co offers a nice variety of tantalizing flavor options, ensuring that there’s something for every palate. Whether they’re doing a seductively tasty blend of fresh fruits or a fluffy donut stuffed to the max with a rich, fruity filling, they make it clear that they are authorities as far as vapes are concerned. What we can say is that if sweet flavors make your taste buds quiver with excitement, you won’t be disappointed with what The One Salt has to offer.

In fact, we recommend that you try the whole The One line, as each Beard Vape Co Salt E-Juice is unique and glorious in its own vape-filled way.