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Carnival Juice Roll Upz E-Liquid

Carnival Juice Roll Upz E-Liquid Review:

If you have treasured memories of spending all day at the carnival as a kid, the vape juice line from Carnival Juice Roll Upz E-Liquid will make your taste buds feel euphoric. Their whimsical flavors are inspired by carnival staples such as tangy lemonade and fluffy clouds of sugary cotton candy. You won’t be able to stop smiling as these comforting flavors take over your senses.

Carnival Juice Roll Upz E-Liquid was created as a sister line to Juice Roll Upz, the collection of vape juices that take sweet, juicy fruits and turn them into succulent, sugary gummy candies.

The ejuices by Carnival Juice Roll Upz E-Liquid are created with quality in mind. Each ingredient is of a food grade standard, ensuring maximum flavor that will make you feel like you’re enjoying your favorite carnival treat. Each juice is delicately handcrafted, allowing each bottle of juice to deliver superior taste that you’ll never forget.

If you crave a refreshing beverage on a particularly hot day, you can enjoy Berry Lemonade vape juice. This exhilarating e-liquid infuses zesty, tangy lemonade with a mixture of ripe, juicy berries. The fruity flavor will dazzle your taste buds before that sugary finish takes care of your sweet tooth.

For fans of decadent fried desserts, there’s Roll Whip vape juice, a sweet and savory blend of creamy vanilla ice cream, a buttery waffle cone, juicy pineapple slices and a sinful amount of fluffy whipped cream. You’ll feel like you’re indulging in a high-calorie dessert whenever you take a puff.

Carnival Juice Roll Upz E-Liquid’s most popular flavor is Blue Cotton Candy, a vape juice that combines two of the sweet tooth’s most beloved treats. The inhale tastes like deeply sour berries while the exhale tastes just like that beautiful spun sugar.

The three vape juices from Carnival Juice Roll Upz E-Liquid are whimsical treats that will transport you to a never-ending carnival.