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Kilo Nic Salt Review:

Since 2014, one of the most iconic brands of all-time and hailing from California, Kilo E-Liquids, has never failed to deliver in terms of quality vapes. In fact, they have always been a brand which expresses their freedoms for creativity through unique vape creations while retaining that widely recognized style and ingenuity. Now, this amazing manufacturer has taken that to the next level with their Kilo Nic Salt line, a fine collection of fruity delights, fruits & icy menthol combinations, and even smooth tobacco flavors.

Each flavorful vape juice from the Kilo Nic Salt is meant to keep those cravings in check while providing a clean and delightful vaping experience. With a balanced throat hit blend of 50/50 VG/PG and nicotine strengths of 30mg and 50mg, vapers who simply desire a way to get their premium nicotine fix can most certainly do so.

Plus, vapers who want a more convenient, maintenance-free, and on-the-go way of vaping can grab the Exotic Bar Disposable Device which has nice salt nic, remarkable flavor, and a reliable battery.

This is all just another example for how Kilo E-Liquids has never misplaced its commitment to developing incredible E-Juices that can satisfy vapers’ needs everywhere; one pull at a time.