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7Daze Disposables Review:

Since 2014, 7Daze has maintained a reputation as one of the go-to brands for e-liquids, with their imaginative, refined, and exceptionally tasty e-liquids – including their legendary Red’s Apple line. Their foray into the world of disposables has been just as successful as their bottled e-juices, demonstrating a knack for knowing exactly what it is that vapers want out of their day-to-day experience.

As of now, 7Daze offers two equally successful disposables to their name. And, both of them share the distinction of being completely tobacco-free – an initiative the brand took on before other companies discovered the benefits of synthetic nicotine. Their disposables are also unbelievably flavorful, which is no surprise considering their best-selling e-juice flavors, and visually attractive, too.

The Egge offers a satisfying 3000 puffs, and uses a mesh coil and rechargeable battery. Its ergonomic design makes it a pleasure to carry. Meanwhile, the Ohmlet carries a whopping 7000 puffs to its name, also using a mesh coil and rechargeable battery to guarantee one blissful puff of vapor after another. Both come in a uniquely generous array of flavor options, with something enticing for every vaper out there, all while being formulated with some of the finest ingredients available for undeniable and exquisite quality.