Innevape Salts

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Innevape Salts Review:

Looking for a salty twist on your very favorite ejuice flavors? Innevape Salts has arrived at last, turning their signature flavors into nic salt creations that satisfy on multiple levels.

If you’ve been part of the vaping community for a while, you know that few brands create incredible vape sensations like Innevape, which is why we are so excited to see that they’ve re-released their most beloved flavors to satisfy fans of salt-based nicotine.

Innevape Salts has a reputation for crafting some of the highest-quality flavors around, and you can taste the superiority of the ingredients as soon as you take your first puff of one of their magnificent creations. Each boasts a uniquely clean and natural flavor profile, and their innovative flavor blends never fail to captivate both the imagination and the palate. From menthol to cotton candy, to tobacco and desserts, they’ve got it all.

Choose your salt-based nictoine e liquid flavor today.