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Cookie King eJuice

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Cookie King eJuice Review:

If your sweet tooth is always begging you for a sugary treat, then you’re probably familiar with Candy King. For cookie lovers, Drip More has created Cookie King eJuice, a line of cookie-inspired dessert juices that overwhelm the palate with serious pleasure.

Each cookie flavor is made with the best ingredients, ensuring authentic flavor that will make your taste buds feel ecstatic beyond belief. If you’re a cookie monster, Choco Cream, DVNK and Lemon Wafer will dazzle your tongue whenever you hit your mod. In fact, you can have all three flavors at once with the Cookie King Bundle 3x100ml (300ml). Now how awesome is that?

Cookie King eJuice has made it their mission to provide vapers with their very favorite cookie flavors in yummy vape forms. So, whether it is cookies and ice cream or cookies and cream, each juice will make your taste buds jump up and down with excitement every time.