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Cloud Nurdz

Cloud Nurdz Review:

If sticky, juicy candies make your taste buds smile, it’s time to dive into the wonderful world of Cloud Nurdz. This exciting line of candy-inspired e liquids comes from Pacific Vape Supply, a brand that’s renowned for their high-quality ejuices that contain the best ingredients around.

Cloud Nurdz offers lip-smacking candy flavors so that your sweet tooth can indulge in a variety of delightful tastes. All of their vape juices contain exceptional flavoring extracts, resulting in flavors that taste exactly like the fruity candies that you know and love.

If you crave the crisp and smooth taste of watermelon when the summer weather comes around, Cloud Nurdz has a mouth-watering candy flavor for you. They’ve blended succulent watermelon with tart, juicy green apple to create a candy flavor that satisfies the thirst and soothes the palate before slamming the sweet tooth with sublime sugary sweetness.

Does your tongue crave a sour kick? Cloud Nurdz has blessed us with an e-liquid that blends together sour lemons and sugar-coated strawberries. This candy flavor makes the mouth pucker and the sweet tooth squeal.

Grape fanatics can indulge in a glorious blend of juicy, tangy purple grapes and tart, crisp green apples. Every puff is like sucking on a succulent hard candy made with real fruit juices. The sugary candy taste clings to your sweet tooth as your palate goes on a wild ride of fruity tastes.

If strawberries make you salivate like nobody’s business, there’s a stunning hard candy flavor that combines juicy strawberries with tangy grapes. You’ll feel refreshed by the fruits before the sweetness slaps your tongue.

The eliquid collection from Cloud Nurdz is guaranteed to satisfy your candy cravings like no other brand can. Each flavor is balanced, refreshing, and wonderfully sweet.