Twist Salt

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Twist Salt Review:

During those scorching months of summer, nothing quenches the thirst like a cold beverage. Once you have downed it, you’re ready to go again and enjoy the hot weather. But what if you wanna vape during the hottest times of the year? Well, for vapers looking to beat the heat and keep their cravings in check, they can turn to Twist Salt.

The new Twist Salt line consists of high-quality ingredients with only the top formulated nicotine salts. Best of all, you’ll be able to keep on vaping outdoors during the summertime thanks to how fresh every bottle of ejuice really is.

These fruit-filled drink-type flavors such as honeydew, berry, watermelon and classic lemonade will have you feeling rejuvenated. Plus, you’ll be able to vape away for hours on end.

Each Twist Salt e liquid comes packed in two 30ml bottles with a balanced VG/PG blend so you can get a nice and smooth throat hit while you beat the vaping heat.