Tobac King

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Tobac King Review:

The number one complaint that we hear from vapers regarding e liquids is that the tobacco flavors that they splurge on end up tasting like anything but those smooth and robust blends that they remember so well, and still crave to this day. Well, thankfully, one brand that’s challenging this common issue is Tobac King, which is the sister brand to legendary manufacturer DripMore. If you’ve vaped any of their lines before, you know that they don’t mess around with ingredients, which is why every flavor vapes so authentic and nothing short of astounding.

Well, that same dedication level can be found here, as each ejuice from Tobac King offers that velvety, smoky and rich taste that you remember so well.

Tobac King doesn’t just play it safe with run-of-the-mill flavor options. Instead, they’ve gone above and beyond to develop an eclectic mix of tobacco-inspired vapes that each elate the palate in their own unique way. From their devilishly good take on fine Cuban tobacco to their lip-smacking blend of bold tobacco leaves and gooey butterscotch, they’ve got something for everyone.

Overall, you’ll have a hard time picking which flavor to try first, which is why we won’t blame you for grabbing them all.