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Mad Hatter Juice


Mad Hatter Juice Review:

Mad Hatter Vape Juice

Mad Hatter is a premium eliquid company based out of Southern California. The Mad Hatter brand is becoming worldly famous due to the creation of the delicious I Love Donuts ejuice. The flavor profile of I Love Donuts is fresh blueberries with sugary glazed cake donuts, just like the best blueberry donut you ever had without the worry of any calories!! Mad Hatter uses the finest USP grade ingredients, providing exceptional flavor in the max VG based eliquid. See why vaqpers are going crazy over Mad Hatter ejuice.

Experience the other delicious flavors from Mad Hatter Juice: I Love Cookies and I Love Taffy.

Few vape juice brands have consistently delivered innovative and intoxicating vape juices like Mad Hatter Juice. They know exactly what vapers crave, and that is why they only include the best ingredients to produce their line of flavorful juices. Each vape juice from Mad Hatter combines tastes that satisfy the sweet tooth unlike anything else. Each vape juice by Mad Hatter Juice has a 70 percent VG and 30 percent PG base that will allow you to create large and thick clouds of vapor while experiencing a good throat hit in the process.

I Love Popcorn
I Love Popcorn vape juice delivers sweet and savory popcorn flavor on the inhale and outrageously rich buttery goodness on the exhale.

120 Cream Pop
120 Cream Pop tastes just like your favorite orange and vanilla frozen treat. Orange sherbet flavor hits the taste buds on the inhale before creamy vanilla ice cream satisfies the sweet tooth on the exhale.

120 Cereal Pop
On the inhale, fruity and sugary cereal delights the taste buds. On the exhale, rich vanilla ice cream drenches the sweet tooth.

I Love Taffy Too
Inspired by everyone’s favorite boardwalk treat, I Love Taffy Too delivers juicy peach flavor on the inhale and rich, creamy saltwater taffy on the exhale.

I Love Candy Watermelon
This incredibly juicy e-liquid delivers cool and refreshing watermelon flavor on the inhale. On the exhale, sugary candy goodness smacks the sweet tooth into a state of bliss.

I Love Candy Blue Raspberry
Just like your favorite hard candies, I Love Candy Blue Raspberry vape juice explodes with sweet and sour splendor. Each inhale delivers sour blue raspberry flavor that makes your mouth pucker. On the exhale, sweet raspberry flavor gets an extra hit of candy sugar to satisfy the sweet tooth.

I Love Candy Rainbow
I Love Candy Rainbow tastes just like your favorite chewy fruit candies coated in a hard sugary shell. Each inhale provides the taste buds with a plethora of tangy and tart fruit tastes. On the exhale, sugary candy sweetness coats the tongue and leaves you feeling unbelievably satiated.