Bad Drip Nic Salt

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Bad Drip Nic Salt Review:

WE ARE SORRY! This Item Is No Longer Available!

The FDA Requested Removal Of This Product 

Any vaper out there infatuated with the sensational E-Liquid flavors from Bad Drip Labs as the rest of us, are going to be thrilled to learn that you can now experience these dazzling treats in a nic salt form. The Bad Drips Nic Salt collection consists of wacky and whimsical flavors that contain high-quality nicotine salts in order to satisfy you in every way.

Bad Drips Nic Salt’s line of E-Juices are intended for pod mod vaping devices only. Salt-based nicotine is not compatible with sub-ohm devices. This type of juice is perfect for those who crave high nicotine levels throughout the day. When you take a few pulls from one of their vapes, you’ll enjoy a strong hit of nicotine without any of the harshness. This type of vape juice provides you with a strong hit to the throat whenever you take a puff.

Everyone knows that Bad Drip Labs E-liquids is a brand that isn’t afraid to dream up innovative flavor combinations. From donut and cereal combinations to fruity and candy flavors; not to mention more vape-filled enjoyment with CLOWN Circus Salts, their nicotine salt collection will amaze you with dreamy flavors that hit the vaping spot.