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7 Daze E-Liquid

7 Daze E-Liquid Review:

The bold and playful vape juice flavors from 7 Daze are some of the most tantalizing e-liquids that are on the market. From their explosively juicy apple flavor to their sugary candies, this brand knows what the taste buds want.

Every vape juice from 7 Daze is carefully handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail. When you take a hit of one of the brand’s legendary fruit flavors, you’ll enjoy each complex flavor note that the real fruit contains. The brand uses quality ingredients that don’t taste artificial whatsoever.

The brand’s unique take on apple juice turned them into an overnight success. Reds Apple vape juice is a glorious apple flavor that’s inspired by the sweet and crisp apple juice that comes in a little box with a tiny red straw. Every hit makes you feel like a kid again as that deliciously flavorful apple juice soaks into the tongue.

Reds Apple Iced vape juice is an apple juice flavor that has an exhilarating punch of menthol. The crispness of the apples combined with the frosty mint makes this flavor perfect for warm weather.

If cool melons make your taste buds water, you can enjoy Watermelon vape juice. For this fruity e-liquid, 7 Daze took their famous apple juice flavor and infused it with crisp, cool watermelon. There’s also Watermelon Iced vape juice for those who crave that kiss of cold menthol with their fruity e-liquids.

The brand’s candy flavors hit the spot with sugary goodness. Magnetic Worm vape juice is a gummy worm flavor that’s both sour and sweet. Magnetic Rocks vape juice delivers that explosive pop of candy goodness as soon as the vapor lands on the tongue.

The brand’s extensive collection of vape juices has won the hearts of vape enthusiasts everywhere. Whether you crave juicy fruits of sticky, sugary candies, 7 Daze has an e-liquid that’s going to become your new obsession.