Gost Vapor Nic Salt

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Gost Vapor Nic Salt

Gost Vapor Nic Salt Review:

Gost Vapor has given vape enthusiasts a new reason to celebrate by releasing their collection of vape juice flavors that are made with nicotine salts. Gost Vapor Nic Salt delivers an outstanding flavor. These e liquid nicotine salts are exceptionally high in quality, providing vapers with a wonderful stimulating sensation as they bask in the glory of intoxicating flavor.

The vape juice collection from Gost Vapor’s Salt Nic collection is extremely diverse, ensuring that there’s an eliquid for everyone’s unique palate. Menthol is a straightforward menthol flavor that’s smooth and icy. This juice is delicious by itself. However, you’re also encouraged to add it to another vape juice in order to enjoy a cold, minty finish whenever you take a hit.

Gost Vapor’s Tobacco is the perfect choice for anyone who still craves analog cigarettes. This vape juice has all of those tantalizing flavor notes that we associate with the cured tobacco found in cigarettes from Virginia. You’ll enjoy earthy, rich, nutty and sweet flavor notes before that blast of nicotine whacks you in the throat.

Lemon Cream is a decadent dessert that consists of tart lemons and smooth cream. The balance of flavors is impeccable, making the mouth water as zesty and creamy notes take turns bouncing on the tongue. There’s also Sweets, a gummy candy made with fresh pineapples and peaches that will have your lips smacking for hours.

Fruit lovers can indulge in Fruit, Gost Vapor’s apple flavor that’s as juicy as can be. The crisp notes tingle on the tongue as that luscious sweetness zaps the thirst.

Gost Vapor Nic Salt will take care of your most intense nicotine cravings while splashing exquisite flavor onto your taste buds with each hit.