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Krem - Skwezed

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Krem - Skwezed Review:

Simply put, no brand does milky flavors like Krem from Skwezed. This brand has released a line of milk-soaked e liquids that each satisfy those cream cravings like nothing else that’s out there. If you yearn for that rich, silky taste when you take a puff off of your mod, you’re going to absolutely fall in love with this brand.

Krem – Skwezed isn’t afraid to get creative. Their ability to capture that authentic milky taste has to do with their obsession with high-quality ingredients. When you vape one of their flavors, you’ll feel like real milk is dripping down your tongue. Thanks to the freshness and richness that they provide, each puff is a luxurious experience that your taste buds will savor.

If milky flavors make you drool, it’s time to check out the Krem line of creamy treats. Your palate will thank you each time you go and take a hit from your mod.