Dinner Lady Salt

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Dinner Lady Salt Review:

Any veteran vaper will tell you that Dinner Lady has given the community some of the most phenomenal flavors to ever be vaped. Now, you can savor this brand’s extraordinary flavors while simultaneously satisfying your nicotine cravings like never before. Dinner Lady Salt combines the magic of their iconic flavors with the potent power of pure, high-quality salt-based nicotine, ensuring that every single draw hits the spot in every way possible.

Dinner Lady’s most beloved flavors are all available to salt nic lovers, including their legendary desserts that remind what you’d want to indulge in while at the diner, whether it be a gooey pie crumble or a crunchy cookie treat. If there’s one thing we can tell you with certainty, it’s that your sweet tooth will be over the moon no matter which delicious flavor you end up going with.

Each e liquid is made with only the very best ingredients to ensure that you enjoy a truly authentic and natural taste. Good luck picking just one Dinner Lady Salt!