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What are the Top 10 Apple E-Juice Flavors?

What are the Best Apple E-Juices in 2020

Who can resist the taste of a crisp, sweet apple? Whether you love your apple E-Juice flavors most when they’re stuffed into a buttery pastry or in the form of a sour candy, there is an E-Liquid out there to satisfy your most intense apple cravings. We’ve tested them all, allowing us to present you with the Top Ten Apple E-Juice Flavors that are available right now.

Best Apple E-Juice Flavor Best Price Best Price Link FLavor Profile
Pure By Aqua E-Juice 60ml $11.99 Buy Now Apple, Strawberry,Watermelon
Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine By Pachamama 60ml $9.99 Buy Now Apple, Strawberry, Nectarine
The One Apple Cinnamon Beard Vape Co 100ml $12.99 Buy Now Apple, Cinnamon, Donut, Milk, Cream, Beverage, Dessert, Pastry
Apple Fritter By Loaded E-Liquid 120ml $12.99 Buy Now Apple, Cinnamon, Pastry, Dessert, Caramel
Cran Apple On Ice By Loaded E-Liquid 120ml $12.99 Buy Now Apple, Cranberry, Menthol
Swamp Thang By Ruthless Vapor 120ml $13.99 Buy Now Apple, Candy
Slotter Pops The Grape White by Lost Art Liquids 120ml $8.99 Buy Now Grape, Candy, Apple, Citrus, Popsicle
Watermelon Apple E-Juice By Cloud Nurdz 100ml $11.99 Buy Now Watermelon, Apple, Candy
Cran Apple By Loaded E-Liquid 120ml $12.99 Buy Now Apple, Cranberry
Melon Kiwi By Naked 100 E-Liquids 60ml $12.99 Buy Now Honeydew, Green Apple, Kiwi

The flavors below are full of apple, pear, and citrus aromas, perfection can be simple or a juxtaposition of intriguing Apple E-Juice blends. Our list is compiled based on visits of 3+ or more purchases of the same item by the same buyer and various reviews from known reviewers in the vape industry. We’ve tried every one of these E-Juice flavors to make sure you are satisfied if you decide to try one out.


Pure By Aqua E-Juice 60ml

The flavor of a refreshing, fruit explosion in your mouth with a beautiful blend of strawberries, apples, and watermelons is as sweet as it gets. Pure vape juice, by Aqua E-Juice perfectly captured the layers of taste that make us love apple, watermelon, and strawberry mix so much.  Each inhale of Pure E-Juice captivates the tongue with tart and sweet apple flavor. As the apple taste sinks into the palate, a cool rush of strawberry and watermelon envelopes each taste bud. When you exhale, the apple flavor becomes sweeter as the juicy taste of watermelon and strawberry makes you drool with pleasure.

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Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine By Pachamama 60ml

Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine vape juice is one of the most beloved fruit flavors out there. This fruit flavor is shamelessly juicy, sweet, and tart, resulting in a lip-smacking taste that will satisfy your sweet tooth for hours on end. When you inhale Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine E-Juice, your mouth will pucker as tart apple flavor floods your tongue. The sweet strawberry flavor begins to poke through, slowly enveloping your sweet tooth with satisfying sweetness. On the exhale, you’ll taste intense nectarine flavor.

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The One Apple Cinnamon By Beard Vape Co 100ml

When you’re in need of a sweet treat, one of the first things that comes to mind is a warm baked donut stuffed with apple filling. The One Apple Cinnamon vape juice is a delicious warm donut flavor that’s infused with sweet cinnamon and crisp apples. This sweet concoction will put a smile on your face, as you will feel like you are vaping the real thing. On the inhale, The One Apple Cinnamon E-Juice dazzles the palate with pure, cinnamon flavor. Then, crisp, sweet apples join the party. On the exhale, a warm donut comforts every taste bud, leaving you feeling refreshed all over.

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Apple Fritter By Loaded E-Liquid 120ml

Some people adore apples most in their natural form. If clean, authentic apple taste is your jam, Apple Fritter vape juice from Loaded E-Liquid will satisfy your need for fresh fruit flavor. Each puff is like taking a bite out of an intensely juicy apple that’s fresh from the orchard. As you inhale Apple Fritter E-Juice, the crispness and tartness of a fresh apple makes your taste buds tingle. The tartness slowly makes way for the natural sweetness of the fruit, pleasing your sweet tooth without overwhelming it. On the exhale, the juiciness from the apple quenches your thirst.

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Cran Apple On Ice By Loaded E-Liquid 120ml

Cran Apple On Ice vape juice is an outrageously refreshing blend of crisp red apples and juicy, sweet cranberries. The two flavors complement each other perfectly, resulting in the perfect all-day vape that will quench your thirst with each hit. As you inhale Cran Apple On Ice E-Juice, that satisfying taste of red apples will flow down the tongue, refreshing you with its crisp and subtly sweet flavor. When you exhale, sweet cranberry juice will tease your sweet tooth while a taste of cool menthol refreshes you immensely.

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Swamp Thang By Ruthless Vapor 120ml

If you can’t ever turn down a tart apple, Swamp Thang vape juice is the one to try. For this flavor, sour apples and candy are very intense and satifying. Each inhale of Swamp Thang E-Juice makes the mouth water thanks to that luxurious apple candy flavor. These apples are sweet with undertones of natural Granny Smith apples. The exhale wraps the taste buds in a sour candy flavor that reminds you of childhood.

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Slotter Pops The Grape White By Lost Art Liquids 120ml

The Grape White vape juice is one of those refreshing fruit blends that you’ll want to hit repeatedly. The combination of juicy white grapes, bright citrus, and crisp apples will keep your taste buds in a state of intense ecstasy as the fruity flavors dance on the palate. As you inhale The Grape White E-Juice, a burst of white grape flavor unleashes loads of delightful sweetness onto the tongue. The grape flavor’s tangy notes intensify as a stream of juicy apple flavor floods the palate. When you exhale, a fresh twist of lemon balances out the sweetness.

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Watermelon Apple E-Juice By Cloud Nurdz 100ml

Watermelon Apple E-Juice By Cloud Nurdz 100ml has satisfied candy fiends all over the world with Watermelon Apple vape juice. The blend of sour and sweet flavor notes is nothing short of addictive. This mouth-watering candy flavor delivers the pure taste of fresh apples that have been shamelessly covered in sour and sweet candy sugar. When you inhale Watermelon Apple E-Juice, the sour apple candy taste makes you salivate beyond control. The sourness slowly dissipates as the sugary notes make your sweet tooth go wild. On the exhale, notes of watermelon seal the deal.

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Cran Apple By Loaded E-Liquid 120ml

Cran Apple vape juice has quickly become one of the most popular fruit flavors out there. This combination of tart cranberries and sweet apples tastes just like fresh juice, quenching your thirst with its intense and authentic flavor. On the inhale, Cran Apple E-Juice refreshes you with a pop of tart cranberry flavor. The cranberry taste begins to mellow out before a blast of juicy apple flavor washes over the tongue, delivering delicious sweetness on the exhale.

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Melon Kiwi By Naked 100 E-Liquids 60ml

Any fruit lover knows that Naked 100 understands how to deliver the very best fruity blends. Melon Kiwi vape juice is a unique combination of the most refreshing fruits on the planet, ensuring intense pleasure with each puff. When you inhale Melon Kiwi E-Juice, tart green apple and crisp honeydew melon dance on the palate. Then, tangy kiwi adds a tropical kick to the flavor profile. When you exhale, a luxurious drizzle of rich cream delivers your taste buds to flavor heaven.

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Each of the ten flavors listed above deliver the most exquisite apple flavor on the planet. If you live for the yummy taste of apples, we recommend that you try them all!

2 thoughts on “What are the Top 10 Apple E-Juice Flavors?

  1. Steven says:

    Just wants to put st how awesome these ways are!!five star from me. I ordered juice my package came broken. Within two hours I got a response and was very impressed with how fast it was . Totally cool about it didn’t asked no questions send pictures of the damage of my package. With no questions asked they are sending me a new package of E juice I ordered.!!you guys are awesome keep up the good work all the juice I got is on point!!!!!!!!

  2. jjgordon714 says:

    I like how the Apple Bazooka Sour Straws was mentioned on this list twice! Not saying it doesn’t deserve it. It is ridiculously good. And the ice version with a touch of menthol makes it even better. Thank goodness it comes in a 200ml bottle!

    Note: I do NOT work for any vape/juice company. Just strictly my personal opinion!

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