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Best Candy Ejuice Flavors 2019

Do you have a sweet tooth? Candy ejuices are one the fastest and growing e-liquid categories, many vapers can relate to. The sugary confection includes a wide variety of treats such as chocolate, bubble-gum, and fruity sweets. This Best Candy Ejuice Flavors 2019 list was definitely not easy, due to the wide range of candy ejuices on the market. If your sweet tooth craves delicious, sugary candy, these ten candy vape flavors at Vape Society Supply will satisfy your cravings in every way. See if your favorite candy flavors made our Top 10 Candy Ejuice.

Best Candy E juice FlavorOur PriceBest Price LinkFlavor Profile
Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum by Candy King 100ml$15.99Buy NowStrawberry, Watermelon, Bubblegum
Strawberry Sour Straws by Bazooka Sour Straws 200ml$28.99Buy NowSour Strawberry Candy
Grape Ape Bubble Gum by Bubble Gang 100ml$9.94Buy NowGrape, Bubblegum, Candy
Juice Roll Upz Watermelon Punch 120ML$23.94Buy NowWatermelon, Fruit Punch
Space Rockz by Lost Art Liquids 120ml$17.99Buy NowKiwi, Strawberry, Candy
Blue Raspberry Sour Straws E juice by Bazooka Sour Straws 200ml$28.99Buy NowSour Blue Raspberry Candy
Berry Belts by Naked 100 60ml$19.95Buy NowCandy, Strawberry, Citrus
Grape Drank by Ruthless Vapor 120ml$22.94Buy NowGrape Candy, Grape Soda
White Gummi Ejuice by Moku E-Liquid 180ml$35.99Buy NowWhite Gummy Candy
Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy by Carnival Juice Roll Upz 60ml$11.94Buy NowBlue Raspberry, Cotton Candy

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum Vape Juice by Candy King Eliquids 100ml

Combining juicy watermelon and strawberry flavor with the distinctive taste of real bubblegum, Candy King Eliquids has created yet another candy-inspired flavor that gives the sweet tooth exactly what it craves. Each inhale of Stawberry Watermelon Bubblegum vape juice delivers a powerful punch of sweet and slightly tart strawberry flavor mixed with the cool and refreshing taste of real watermelon. On the exhale, these distinctive but complementary flavors will sing in harmony, providing your sweet tooth with total satisfaction.

Strawberry Sour Straws Vape Juice by Bazooka Sour Straws 200ml

Strawberry Sour Straws vape juice is a yummy and nostalgic flavor- strawberry licorice base coated in sweet and sour sugary goodness. On the inhale of Strawberry Sour Straws ejuice, your taste buds will delight in sweet and juicy strawberry licorice flavor. As you exhale, the tartness will make your mouth simply water.

$23.99 $11.99

Grape Ape Bubble Gum Vape Juice by Bubble Gang Eliquid 100ml

If you’re searching for confectionery delight of chewy, sugary grape bubble gum and slightly tart, immensely refreshing grape goodness that keeps those nostalgic memories going, you have gotta check out Grape Ape Bubble Gum vape juice. As you inhale Bubble Gang’s Grape vape juice, the juicy grape will refresh the palate, especially on a hot summer day. The sweetness and mild tartness will make your palate tingle with excitement. As you exhale, shamelessly sweet bubblegum flavor takes over the entire palate.

Juice Roll Upz Vape Juice Watermelon Punch 120ML

For Watermelon Punch vape juice, Juice Roll Upz blended crisp watermelon flavor with the taste of sweet tropical fruit punch. The result is something that’s both refreshing and pleasing to the sweet tooth. When you inhale Watermelon Punch ejuice, a rush of sweet watermelon flavor runs down the tongue. When you exhale, the tangy and sugary flavor of tropical fruit punch makes your mouth water.

$27.99 $15.99
From: $55.98 $29.58

Space Rockz Vape Juice by Lost Art

Space Rockz vape juice is a glorious candy flavor inspired by those classic little sugary rocks that explode when they hit the tongue. The blend of strawberry and kiwi will refresh you while allowing you to get your candy fix. On the inhale, Space Rockz ejuice gives you a blast of kiwi and strawberry flavors. This thirst-quenching taste is taken to the next level as you begin to exhale.

$20.99 $10.99
$33.99 $13.99

Blue Raspberry Sour Straws Vape Juice by Bazooka Sour Straws 200ml

Blue Raspberry Sour Straws vape juice is a mouth-quenching flavor of Raspberry Sour Straws candy sprinkled with sweet and sour sugar. As you inhale, an explosion of seriously sour blue raspberry flavor will smack the palate on impact. On the exhale, the sweet notes of blue raspberry flavor will emerge before a final coating of sugary intensity will complete the flavor profile.

$23.99 $11.99
$23.99 $11.99

Berry Belts Vape Juice by Naked 100 60ml

Berry Belts vape juice is a combo of sweet and juicy strawberry with a twist of sour lime. On the inhale, your tongue will be hit with a burst of sweet strawberry goodness. On the exhale, the citrus from the lime will feel like a spark of brightness to the taste buds.

$25.99 $13.99

Naked 100 E-liquids

Naked 100 Fusion Bundle 180ml

From: $77.97 $37.77

Grape Drank by Ruthless Vapor 120ml

If grape soda is your soft drink of choice, Grape Drank vape juice is undoubtedly the soda vape flavor for you. On the inhale, your taste buds will instantly rejoice as soon as the yummy grape flavor hits the tongue. The blend of high-quality ingredients ensures that you’ll be getting the taste of real grapes that don’t have that synthetic aftertaste. When you exhale, sweet and syrupy soda will give your taste buds and palate great satisfaction.

$33.99 $13.99
$33.99 $13.99

White Gummi Vape Juice by Moku E-Liquid 180ml

If you crave sweet and juicy fruit-flavored gummy candies, you are in for a treat. White Gummi vape juice is a nostalgic take on those white bear-shaped gummy candies. As you inhale, a glorious rush of pure pineapple flavor will bathe your taste buds, quenching your thirst just like the real fruit. Then, as you exhale, that comforting gummy candy taste will hit the sweet tooth where it counts, delivering sugary splendor that leaves you feeling satisfied.

Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy by Carnival Juice Roll Upz 60ml

Are you searching for a true carnival flavor of classic sticky blue cotton candy? Well, look no further than Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy vape juice. On the inhale, the sugary cotton candy takes control of the sweet tooth. When you exhale, the subtle notes of raspberry circle around the palate.

If you need more candy flavors in your life, these eliquids will give you the satisfaction that you desire. Just like your favorite candies from childhood, the yummy and sugary flavors will please your sweet tooth with intensely sweet, candy-coated goodness.


One Hit wonder took the world by storm with its unique vape liquid flavors like Muffin Man and Milk Man. One Hit Wonder continues to uphold their reputation with the release of their newest e juice Magic Man! One hit wonder e liquids are all handcrafted in the heart of the vaping culture, Los Angeles CA. One Hit Wonder E liquids are made only with the finest ingredients including 100% American Made TruNic. One Hit Wonder’s newest flavor Magic Man embodies the flavor of sweet fruity gummy bears better than any other candy or gummy flavored e juice. Vaping Magic Man’s watermelon gummy flavored e juice that tastes as if you are munching on a handful of red, white and green gummy bears at the same time! Magic Man e liquid is not only flavorful but also has a smooth inhale and exhale perfect for an all day vape.


One Hit Wonder E-Liquids

One Hit Wonder Combo 200ml (2x100ml)

From: $55.98 $25.88

One Hit Wonder E-Liquids

One Hit Wonder Combo 300ml (3x100ml)

From: $83.97 $37.77

Wonder Worm by Charlie’s Chalk Dust

Wonder Worm by Charlie’s Chalk Dust will be next candy ejuice addiction. Wonder Worm is part of the “White Collection” of Charlie’s Chalk Dust with a flavor profile of crushed sweet tarts over gummy worm candy. The well balanced flavor of sweet and tart will leave your mouth watering and make you wonder, how they nailed this flavor. The inhale provides a sweet gummy candy with subtle notes of tang on the exhale. The psychedelic flavor of Wonder Worm is smooth with zero throat hit for easy vaping all day.


Bubble Melon by Chubby Bubble Vapes

Bubble Melon by Chubby Bubble Vapes is the classic watermelon bubble gum flavored e-juice. Bubble-gum e-liquids has been one of the focal flavors of 2016, so picking Chubby Bubble was a no brainer. The Chubby Bubble Vapes collection offers four flavors: Grape, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon and Fruit Punch with each bottled in 60ml’s. Bubble Melon ejuice is smooth, refreshing and not overly sweet. True to the flavor profile, you can enjoy your favorite bubble gum all day, especially during those hot summer days.

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6 thoughts on “Best Candy Ejuice Flavors 2019

  1. Mike Steele says:

    Wonder worm by Charlie’s Chalk Dust is some next level ejuice ! I have tried a lot of the juices on this list and wonder worms outshines them all !!! Can’t wait till I get my next shipment.

  2. cinbad9699 says:

    I just ordered Kryptonite! Got a bottle from a friend and I absolutely love love it. Melon flavor on inhale with a sweet sticky candy flavor on exhale. Was so sad when I ran oit! Can’t wait til I get this!

  3. jbabb41 says:

    Strawberry Gummy by Glas eliquids Basix series! I cannot get enough I’m on my 4th bottle and just discovered last month and at $17 a 60ml can’t go wrong

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