The Custard Shoppe

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The Custard Shoppe Review:

The Custard Shoppe comes from the makers of Jam Monster, a line of euices that blend fruity jam with delicious buttered toast. While the guys behind the legendary ejuice line were visiting London, they were inspired by the image of a custard shop on a quaint road. This inspiration turned into a collection of vape juices that entrance the palate with smooth, unbelievably creamy custard.

The Custard Shoppe is a collection that is meant to be savored. The flavors are exquisitely comforting, acting as delicious reminders that we should appreciate the simpler things in life. As the silky custard flows over your palate, you’ll forget about your troubles and live in the moment.

Their attention to detail enhances the overall vaping experience. The flavors are carefully mixed in order to deliver maximum flavor and impressive authenticity. The retro-inspired packaging makes you feel like you’ve been transported to a simpler time when friends and family gathered at the local custard shop to bond over a dreamy dessert.

The Custard Shoppe has developed some of the creamiest, richest custard flavors that you’ll ever taste. If your mouth waters at the thought of that silky dessert treat going great with caramel or fruit running down your tongue, this is a line that’ll blow you away.