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Jam Monster Eliquid

Jam Monster Eliquid Review:

What is more satisfying and comforting than the iconic combination of fresh toast, rich melted butter and sweet and sugary freshly-cooked jam? When it is time to eat breakfast, or you are simply craving an afternoon snack, the Jam Monster Eliquid line has simple yet complex flavor combination hits the spot.

Jam Monster Eliquid specializes in delivering gourmet classic breakfast ejuice flavors made with homemade jam, spread onto a warm piece of buttered toast! They have truly created the perfect balance of fruit jam paired with a savory buttered toast.

While other juice companies and manufactures offer jam flavors, none of them nail the layers of flavor as flawlessly as Jam Monster. Their line tastes incredibly authentic, thanks to a careful blend of flavoring ingredients that are incredibly high in quality. By paying very close attention to detail, their team gets the delicate balance of flavors just right, so that each inhale makes you feel as though you’ve just taken a big bite out of a piece of toast drenched in melted butter and covered in deliciously sweet jam.

Every bottle is available in 100ml and comes in different fruit and even now menthol combinations.

As you can see, some of the top mixologists in the vaping industry, who are at Jam Monster, have truly developed a vape brand with an incredible balance of your favorite jam flavors. Now that is scary good! If toasted bread topped with sweet jam and rich butter is your snack of choice, then you have got to try their juices for a satisfying vape treat.