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California Grown

California Grown Review:

California Grown is another eliquid brand based in the sunny state, and they’ve managed to come up with a series of magnificent juices that capture the tastes that we associate with beautiful Cali weather. Their specialty is luscious fruity treats, and they don’t like to play it safe. In addition to fruity offerings, they offer a nice selection of diverse flavorful profiles for every palate.

From luxurious tropical trifectas to sinfully rich and creamy desserts, they really have it all. And, each e liquid is made with only the finest ingredients known to man to satisfy the palate exactly like the real thing. You’ll be blown away by the boldness, complexity and cleanliness of every liquid in their collection. And dude, do they have a collection, boasting a massive amount of juices so that you’ll never get bored as you go through their inventory.

Simply put, California Grown will never let you down thanks to their high-quality and innovative flavors.