Bams Cannoli

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Bams Cannoli Review:

Does your sweet tooth struggle when it comes to deciding between luxurious, high-end delicacies and whimsical, sugary treats like your favorite cereals? If so, check out the entire collection from Bams Cannoli. This is one brand that has won over the vaping community thanks to their innovative takes on an Italian classic.

They’ve managed to turn flaky, buttery and creamy cannolis into a magical journey of flavors complete with everything that we crave, such as fruity loops, key lime custard and more.

Based in Southern California, Bams Cannoli has been hard at work innovating new, dreamy concoctions for years. Each of their flavors has a smooth, clean and layered flavor profile, which is a testament to the quality of ingredients that they use. Their flavors never give off that synthetic sugary aftertaste, making them the perfect all-day vapes for those who always have dessert on the brain.