The Sigelei 75w Box Mod or the iPV D2

As we all are aware, there are always new and improved mechanical and box mods hitting the market. The top companies are constantly developing redesigned mods with the latest features to appeal to the consumers. Let’s take a look at two of the newest compact  box mods on the today’s market, the Sigelei 75wand the iPV D2. Many have asked, “Which is better?”. It will vary per person, however; what separates these two box mods from one another?

Sigelei and Pioneer4You are two of the largest and most reputable hardware companies in the vape industry. I personally have mods from both companies and must say, I am exceptionally happy with both companies. But the question is, which box mod is better for your buck?

The Sigelei 75w box mod is the newest edition to the Sigelei collection, offering temperature control technology in a compact size. Temperature control featured devices are becoming more and more popular with vapers. When Sigelei released their 75w temperature control device, many people’s heads definitely turned.  The Sigelei 75w box mod can fire atomizers as low as 0.05 ohms when using the temperature control feature. The box is made out of sturdy aluminum alloy and contains a spring loaded 510 contact pin. You can fit any of your favorite cloud chasing atty’s or sub-ohm tanks for a quality vaping experience. It stores (1) 18650 battery but best of all, it has a micro USB charging port located at the bottom. The magnetic door allows you to change out your batteries easily, without the hassle of those pesky screws.

The Sigelei 75w has some weight to it. Now this can be positive or negative depending on the user. I typically prefer lightweight box mods, however; it does feel very nice in the hand. With the previous versions, Sigelei also threw in a silicone protective case, to protect from scratching or dents. The fire buttons on the device have been redesigned. I personally love the new domed-shaped buttons. Many are wondering, does the Sigelei 75w comes with a YiHi chip? It does not, but it comes with Sigelei’s own smart chip for when using the temperature control feature. I like the device a lot, especially because I have the 150w box mod. It’s a nice compact box mod that fits better in your hand and pocket, when you’re not trying to lug around a big device. At 75 watts, the Sigelei has developed another masterpiece.

Let’s take a look at the iPV D2 from Pioneer4You. Anyone who vapes will also recognize Pioneer4You. The legendary lineup of successful mods like the iPV Mini 2, iPV4 and iPV3-Li has made Pioneer4You a definite go to brand for reliability and durability for mods. The newest edition to the collection is the iPV D2. The mod similar to the iPV Mini V2, however; the features are much better than its predecessor. The iPV D2 features temperature control and more wattage. You are able to fire atomizers lower for better flavor and cloud production. The D2 fires atomizers up 75 watts and battery compartment has been upgraded. Don’t worry about the bottom screw, the back cover slides up and down for easily changing out the single 18650 battery. The body is made out of black billet aluminum, making it more comfortable in your hand while vaping. The iPV D2 YiHi SX130H chip allows you to function the temperature control feature, firing up to 50 joules and all the way down to 0.05 ohms. It also has a micro USB charging port.

With that being said, which is better? It’s a matter of opinion. My preference is a lighter box mod and I feel the Sigelei is a bit heavy for being a compact box mod. Don’t get me wrong, it feels great in my hand but I am not feeling the weight. Both devices have all the features needed to enhance my vaping experience, but I will give a slight edge to the iPV D2. Let us know what you think on which box mod is better.

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