Kilo White Series

Kilo White Series Review

Kilo White Series E juice Review

Kilo White Series

Kilo White Series by Kilo E- Liquids the creator of some of the most popular e juice collections like Kilo White Series , and the best e juice flavors like dewberry cream, Kilo E-Liquids was founded in 2014. They started with a line up of 5 unique flavors and have snowballed into the world renowned e liquid manufacturers they are now.

Their success is no surprise as they handcraft every E juice to perfection using only the best ingredients, latest technologies, and expert craftsmen. Kilo sets high exceptions and is constantly exceeding them. The masterminds at Kilo E juice have done just that again with the release of the While Series E-liquid Collection.

The Kilo White Series E juice collection features four new delicious dessert flavors each tastier than the next. The Whites Series includes a nostalgic Ice Cream Sandwich, Marshmallow Crisp, Cinnamon Roll and a romantic White Chocolate Strawberry Ejuice flavor. Kilo White Series e-juices also come elegantly bottled in a white glass 60ml bottle.

Kilo White Series EjuicePrice after (ejuice) coupon codeFlavor ProfileBest Price Link
White Chocolate Strawberry
Kilo White Series
$17.60White Chocolate, StrawberryBuy Now
Cinnamon Roll
Kilo White Series
$17.60Cinnamon Pastry, Cream Cheese FrostingBuy Now
Ice Cream Sandwich
Kilo White Series
$17.60Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate CookieBuy Now
Marshmallow Crisp
Kilo White Series
$17.60Rice Cereal, MarshmallowBuy Now

Kilo White Series White chocolate strawberry

“A bundle of mouth-watering strawberries freshly picked and dipped into a delicious pool of white chocolate. A harmonious combination of fresh fruit and chocolate.”

Kilo White Series White Chocolate StrawberryKilo White Series White Chocolate Strawberry 60ML

Kilo White Series White Chocolate Strawberry e juice is a perfectly balanced blend of fresh strawberries dipped into a Belgian white chocolate for a delicious dessert combination of fruits and chocolate. As soon as the bottles seal is broken, you can smell the aroma or fresh ripe strawberries bursting out. On the inhale you can taste the sweet fruity strawberries tingle at the back of your throat. During the exhale you can taste a light undertone of creamy white chocolate flavor.

Kilo White Series Cinnamon Roll

“The bittersweet taste of cinnamon baked into rich buttery rolls, drizzled with velvety white frosting. It’s an addictive, sweet and aromatic vape to wake up to!”

White Series Cinnamon Roll Ejuice 60MLWhite Series Cinnamon Roll Ejuice 60ML

The White Series Cinnamon Roll ejuice flavor is as close as you can get to a fresh baked cinnamon roll. On the inhale you’ll taste a rich buttery and doughy cinnamon roll and a smooth velvety frosting flavor during the exhale.

Kilo White Series Ice Cream Sandwich

“A distinctive blend of a soft chocolate cookie and vanilla ice cream. It yields a rich chocolate taste on the inhale, followed by a captivatingly sweet and creamy aftertaste”

Kilo White Series Ice Cream SandwichKilo White Series Ice Cream Sandwich 60ML

Kilo White Series Ice Cream Sandwich e juice embodies the flavor of the classic chocolate cookie ice cream sandwich you grew up snacking on. The Flavor of the chocolate cookie is predominant on the inhale with a creamy vanilla ice-cream flavor during the exhale. The Ice Cream Sandwich ejuice is definitely our favorite flavor of the Kilo White Series Collection.

Kilo White Series Marshmallow Crisp

“When you take a delicious roasted rice cereal and stir it into a bowl of melted marshmallows; creating the perfect, gooey snack time favorite vape!”

Kilo White Series Marshmallow CrispKilo White Series Marshmallow Crisp 60ML

Kilo White Series Marshmallow Crisp tastes just like a tasty chewy rice cereal treat thats bound together with sticky gooey melted marshmallows. When vaping you can taste the full flavor of a rice crisp treat while inhaling, and undertones of smooth and creamy marshmallows during the exhale.


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