Naked 100 Original Fruit E-liquids

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Naked 100 Original Fruit E-liquids Review:

With its stunning Fruit collection, Naked 100 e liquid has proven that nobody does fruit flavors quite like them. This cult vape brand has used the absolute best flavoring ingredients to create fruity concoctions that taste just like the real thing. The result is a series of fruit-based flavors that will satisfy your taste buds just as much as a beautiful fruit cocktail called Naked 100 Fruit E-liquids.

Every vape juice from the Naked 100 Fruit E-liquids collection arrives in a beautiful 60ml dropper bottle. With a 70 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30 percent propylene glycol (PG) base, vapers will have the ability to exhale stunning vape clouds while enjoying an incomparably smooth taste.

Lava Flow
Inspired by sinfully sweet fruit cocktails, Lava Flow combines tropical fruit flavors that will transport you to a gorgeous exotic island. On the inhale, you’ll be stricken by a tantalizing balance of sweet strawberry, tangy pineapple and creamy, complex coconut that will continue to dance around the palate until you exhale.

Hawaiian POG
If you catch yourself daydreaming about a vacation in beautiful Hawaii, Hawaiian Pog is for you. On the inhale, yummy guava and passion fruit will wake up your taste buds. On the exhale, tangy and sweet orange will round out the flavor.

Hawaiian POG ICE
Hawaiian POG ICE is a tropical island vape flavor combination of passion fruit, orange, guava and mint. There’s nothing like a blend of tropic fruits and icy menthol when you’re feeling incredibly vaping thirsty.

All Melon
All Melon is made for melon fanatics. On the inhale, the refreshing taste of honeydew combines beautifully with sweet cantaloupe. As you exhale, cool and sugary watermelon takes over.

Green Blast
Green Blast mixes a variety of fruits to blend sweet, tangy and tart perfectly. As you inhale, your taste buds will be teased by tart green apples and kiwi. On the exhale, surprisingly refreshing honeydew mixed with rich cream balances out the flavor.

Amazing Mango
Mixing sinfully sweet mango with refreshing peach, Amazing Mango is bursting with fruity flavor. On the inhale, tropical mango asserts itself as the exhale delivers the sensational taste of juicy peaches.

Really Berry
For berry lovers, Really Berry delivers a blend of juicy, ripe berries with a hint of lemon to balance out the sweetness. On the inhale, blueberries and blackberries wake up the taste buds with their sweet and tart taste. On the exhale, sugar-coated lemon takes the edge off the sweetness, giving this vape juice a beautiful balance of flavor notes.

Maui Sun
Maui Sun consists of a wonderful tropical combination of citrus flavors: pineapple, oranges, and tangerines. A true citrus a fruity blast awaits you when you vape Maui Sun vape juice.

If fruity vape juices are your thing, you must try all six of these beautiful flavors from the Naked 100 Fruit E-liquids line. With so many stunning varieties of real fruit tastes, your taste buds will be in flavor heaven.