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Loaded E-Liquid

Loaded E-Liquid Review:


From sunny Orange County, California, Loaded E-Liquid manufactured by Ruthless Vapor has first exploded onto the scene with Glazed Donuts vape juice. An instant cult favorite among vape enthusiasts everywhere, Glazed Donuts proved that the brand could perfectly recreate the flavor profiles of our most beloved desserts.

Loaded E-Liquid has since developed two new vape juices that are quickly becoming just as successful as Glazed Donuts. Smores and Cran Apple are brilliant homages to flavors that we all crave on a regular basis.

All of the Loaded E-Juice Collection and flavors have a base of 70 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30 percent propylene glycol (PG). This base offers vapers the best of both worlds, giving them a satisfying throat hit as well as the ability to blow puffy vape clouds.

Glazed Donuts
Glazed Donuts is the vape juice that launched Loaded E-Liquid into success. By perfectly recreating the taste of fresh glazed doughnuts with layers of flavor, the brand established itself as a master of sweet treats. On the inhale, the sweet tooth is instantly satiated by the flavor of sweet and buttery doughnut batter. On the exhale, sugary vanilla glaze teams up with cinnamon to complete the flavor journey.

Cran Apple
Cran Apple, Loaded’s newest flavor, is as intensely refreshing as a glass of ice-cold cranberry apple juice on a hot summer day. This vape juice blends two delicious fruits to create a flavor profile that is sweet and sour. On the inhale, tart cranberry flavor teases the palate. On the exhale, freshly-picked apples balance out the tartness with their sweet taste.

Smores beautifully captures the layers of flavor that we love when we bite into s’mores. Just one inhale of Smores and you will think you are sitting next to a roaring fire with your best buds. On the inhale, toasted creamy marshmallows and cinnamon-flavored graham crackers provide instant satisfaction to your taste buds. On the exhale, luxurious milk chocolate seals the deal.

With three absolutely stellar Loaded flavors, it is clear that Loaded E-Liquid has a bright future ahead. The brand knows how to create vape juice flavors that we all crave. Loaded uses high-quality ingredients to provide taste combinations that we can enjoy for hours on end.

If your sweet tooth is always crying out for a sugary treat, pick up Glaze Donuts, Cran Apple, and Smores from Loaded E-Liquid and find out for yourself why Loaded is becoming a favorite among vapers around the world.