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Juice Roll Upz ICE Ejuice

Juice Roll Upz ICE Ejuice Review:

The Juice Roll Upz Eliquid manufacturer we all know and love has just released their latest eliquid collection, Juice Roll Upz ICE! The ICE collection features all the original flavors like Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, and Watermelon Punch while incorporating an icy fresh menthol.

The succulent fruit candy flavors from Juice Roll Upz have been such a success that the brand has delivered menthol-infused versions of its signature flavors. Each vape from Juice Roll Upz ICE Ejuice is packed with sweet candy flavor with the addition of a nice icy blast of menthol. Now, menthol lovers can get their candy fix without having to switch out e-liquids.

Based in California, Juice Roll Upz has been consistently blessing us with our favorite nostalgic candy flavors since their launch. Each vape juice tastes just like a sugary treat that we still crave to this day.

Blue Raspberry
Blue Raspberry ejuice is a flavorful blend of sweet and sour blue raspberry and chilly menthol that is going to make your mouth pucker with delight as that minty goodness cools you down.

When you inhale Blue Raspberry vape juice, sour blue raspberry candy flavor will smack your palate with pleasure. Then, sugary sweet candy flavor will tingle on your sweet tooth. As you exhale, an intoxicating blast of cold menthol will refresh you.

Strawberry ejuice is a sweet, tangy and minty flavor party for your taste buds. It is an addictive combination of sugary strawberry candy and ice-cold menthol. The stunning balance of flavors will have you vaping this juice all day long.

Each inhale of Strawberry vape juice punches the sweet tooth with that yummy candy flavor. The sweetness of the strawberry continues to intensify before a nice cool menthol breeze cools things down on the exhale.

Watermelon Punch
What could be more refreshing than fruity watermelon punch candy that’s been soaked in chilly menthol? Watermelon Punch ejuice dips your favorite candy flavor in a cold menthol bath to deliver satisfaction to your palate with every puff.

Each inhale of Watermelon Punch vape juice bathes your tongue in sweet, tangy and cool watermelon punch flavor. Each exhale delivers that menthol punch that chills you out instantly.

If you want your candy flavors to have a touch of minty freshness, check out the line of vape juices from Juice Roll Upz ICE. They will blow you away with profoundly refreshing flavor. What are you waiting for? Try the Juice Roll upz ICE series for a delicious fruit-flavored candy experience with a hint of cool menthol!