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Clown Liquids

Clown Liquids Review:

When the vaping circus comes to town, everyone takes notice. So step right up ladies and gentlemen and be prepared to be amazed and dazzled by the spectacular and mind-blowing, as well as funny vape juice flavors from Clown Liquids.

The Clown Premium Liquids line is from the makers of Bad Drip, the juice brand that knows how to take some twisted eliquids and make them standout among the rest.

Derived from the liquid of nightmares, Clown Liquids offers seven unique flavors: Laffy, Pennywise, Splitz, Sweet Tooth, Skitzo, Crush, and Twisty. Each flavor is mixed with quality ingredients as well as high VG levels for some cool cloud tricks. And that’s not all. You can enjoy the wacky fruit, taffy candy, cotton candy, yogurt, or beverage flavors whenever your cravings start to go crazy.

Take your favorite monster or candy butcher ejuice flavor wherever you go from this incredible and unique line.