Sicle Vapors Salts

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Sicle Vapors Salts Review:

We all have memories of being outside for hours on a sunny day, and coming inside to be greeted with an ice-cold, fruity and syrupy Popsicle treat. Sicle Vapors Salts decided to devote their entire brand to mastering that classic delight, and their efforts have earned them a stellar reputation among vapers who crave fruity, refreshing salt-based nicotine e liquids.

Each in their collection pays tribute to a specific ice pop flavor, with that bold fruity splendor that’s infused with an ideal amount of sugariness. Best of all, every pull offers up a gloriously chilly sensation along your throat that further helps you imagine that you’re treating yourself to the real thing.

Sicle Vapors Salts has managed to create their deeply authentic flavors by using only the very best ingredients that are available today. You can taste and vape that freshness of the fruit, and the sugar is natural rather than synthetic.

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