Riot Squad Salt Nicotine

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Riot Squad Salt Nicotine Review:

Ready for a vape juice brand that refuses to play to lay down for anyone? Riot Squad Salt Nicotine gives you unapologetic doses of pure, bold flavor in the form of fruity e liquid concoctions with a deep rebellious streak. These guys don’t want to release the same old boring flavor options, which is why they’ve gone against the status quo and challenged our very conventions of flavor with highly innovative blends of our favorite fruits. And, they’ve got everything that you could ask for, whether it be a tropical fusion that slams into your tongue like a tidal wave, or a sweet, sour and icy treat that makes your taste buds weep while the mouth puckers and the tongue gets a deep chill.

Riot Squad Salt Nicotine is the sister line to its predecessor, Riot Squad, which gave us freebase nic vapes with the same flavor profiles. What this means is that Riot Squad Salt Nicotine allows you to enjoy these delectable flavors while getting a generous punch of salt-based nicotine with each hit. The result is a vaping experience that sends shockwaves of euphoria through your body, allowing each and every puff to give you a jolt of excitement.

If you’re tired of bland, one-note ejuices that bow down to authority, this is the line worth experiencing for yourself – you won’t be sorry that you did.