Phillip Rocke Salts

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Phillip Rocke Salts Review:

Phillip Rocke has developed a reputation for creating some of the most refined vape juice formulas that the market has ever seen. Handcrafted in beautiful California, the brand has consistently produced one stunning flavor profile after another, with their e liquids coming from exclusively sourced ingredients. Never one to cut corners, the company is known for offering only a small selection of flavors, focusing intensively on perfecting each one, rather than simply flooding their catalog with mediocre or uninspiring offerings. Now, we have Phillip Rocke Salts.

This line allows us to savor these decadent flavors while enjoying a smooth and satisfying hit of salt-based nicotine with every draw. The nicotine itself is sourced carefully and put through refinement and purification processes to be as clean as possible, and many vapers notice the difference immediately, as it offers a smooth inhale that can’t be rivaled.

Phillip Rocke Salts offers the same iconic flavored bubblegum, fruity, and even creamy profiles that made the brand achieve legendary status, and you’ll undoubtedly find a choice in their collection that totally satiates your palate. Just like the original freebase predecessors, these juices have a nuanced, natural taste that makes the palate experience a sense of deep euphoria.