Nude Salts

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Nude Salts Review:

Looking for a fruity escape that can be enjoyed whenever you hit your pod mod? If so, you have come to the right place. Town Vapor has what vapers need to keep them in the vaping mood. Specifically, Nude Premium E-Juice has gone to the saltier side of things with their Nude Salts line.

Consisting of a variety of indulgent E-Liquids that contain a plethora of wonderfully ripe, exquisitely juicy – you’ve guessed it – fruits, for which your palate will be in pure vape-filled bliss.

What is really unique about this line is that their standards when it comes to the quality of ingredients being used is simply legendary. Each salt-based nicotine E-Juices vapes astonishingly clean and fresh, meaning that a single draw is like a big gulp of freshly pressed fruit-filled juice.

Overall, we are certain that vapers everywhere will feel soothed and refreshed, every time they take a few hits of Nude Salts.