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Berryfornia Nic Salt Review:

OVO Distribution has captivated the hearts of vapers around the world with their enticing blends inspired by the tastes of the most majestic fruits that grow in the wilder regions of California. Their Berryfornia Nic Salt has taken this concept to another SoCal extreme.

Mixing together rare berries, exotic tropical tastes, and shisha, these E-Juices help vapers feel deeply refreshed, while providing them a taste of the wild terrain in the most beautiful regions of this state. In fact, Berryfornia E-Liquids are made with carefully sourced, hand-picked ingredients, which results in fresh, natural tastes that are nuanced and balanced.

Berryfornia Nic Salt will allow you to keep your vaping palate in a euphoric state while refreshing yourself with soothing, clean fruity flavors and amazing nicotine salts during each vape session.