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Puff Labs Disposables Review:

Based in Las Vegas, Puff Labs is easily one of the most recognizable names in the world of disposable vaping technology. One of the first brands to really hit the bigtime with their intensely satisfying and reliable disposable devices, they continue to find new ways to satisfy vapers with better flavors, higher puff counts, and better cloud production, all while maintaining their foundation of user-friendly, low-maintenance, and portable vaping products.

The brand originated as a bottled e-liquid company, with some of the most iconic flavors ever produced. Now, they’re one of the most prolific disposable vape manufacturers out there, with a staggering amount of individual models. What they all share in common with one another is that they come in mind-blowing varieties of flavors, including rare flavors that are one-of-a-kind, and that they promise phenomenal performance with top-notch battery and coil configurations, to fulfill all of your vaping needs.

Whether you prefer the simpler 1500-puff Puff Labs XTRA, The Beast V2 with its powerful output and tank-like atomizer, the pod-shaped Hotbox with its 7500 puffs, or the Boss Mesh disposable that boosts flavor through mesh coil technology, this is one brand that you really shouldn’t sleep on, as they know what goes into crafting the most satisfying and dependable disposables out there.