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BLVK Disposables Review:

BLVK Premium E-Liquid is an award-winning e-juice brand, regarded as one of the go-to manufacturers among e-liquid connoisseurs. With a massive selection of intriguing, complex, and refined flavor profiles, they’ve maintained a reputation as being simply one of the best companies out there. The brand is known for their forward-thinking approach to making their mark on the vaping market, and so it’s no surprise that their line of disposables is every bit as innovative and enticing as their iconic bottled vape juices.

BLVK’s line of disposables, known as Ello, shares the same brand aesthetic, with an all-black background to distinguish itself from other disposables on the market. Featuring a variety of shapes and sizes, they’re visually stunning, and all pocket-friendly and lightweight.

The original Ello is an ultra-slim pen-like device with 2500 puffs, and it was followed up with the Ello Plus, a 6000-puff card-like device with a duck-billed mouthpiece. The Ello XL is a disposable device that comes with 2 pre-filled pods, to deliver up to 12,000 puffs total, also thanks in part to a rechargeable battery. It’s clear that BLVK isn’t just capitalizing on the disposables trend – they’re revolutionizing it. And, it goes without saying that the flavor options are every bit as dreamy as the brand’s most legendary bottled e-juices.