AL Fakher Disposable

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AL Fakher Disposable Review:

AL Fakher is considered by many across the globe as one of the top hookah and shisha companies around, going all the way back to their humble beginnings in 1999. Because of their dedication to tobacco products, AL Fakher has continued to stay the course when it comes to continuously enhancing people’s shisha experiences. Hence, their direct focus and efforts on all things shisha, i.e., sourcing the highest-quality ingredients to investing in the most innovative research and development for their products. Now, they decided to dabble in the vaping industry, specifically disposable vapes. That’s right, when you try an AL Fakher Disposable, you’re in for a treat.

AL Fakher Disposable vapes are made using high-quality materials, mainly zinc-alloy, so you know they’re durable. Not only that, but these sleek & sturdy devices are equally impressive in terms of aesthetics – from their single, full color designs that display the brand’s logo to their attractive shapes, you’ll be glad to show one of these disposable vapes off. Being small, lightweight, compact, and portable, you can certainly take an AL Fakher Disposable with you where you go. And, it’s comfortable piece makes each draw fantastic to take.

All AL Fakher Disposable vapes come fully charged and are draw-activated. They also contain an internal battery coupled with a large, pre-filled Salt-Based Nicotine (5% (50mg)) E-Liquid capacity, as these things determine the amount of puffs you get with whichever device you choose to vape with. Speaking of flavors, you can choose from a tremendous variety of AL Fakher’s Shisha nic salt vape juice flavors. Having a Type-C charging port lets you charge these units when the battery starts to run low. Simply put: NO Maintenance and NO Refilling here!

What’s even more amazing is how you can monitor your vaping stats, such as E-Juice and battery levels with their small display screen. A pre-installed mesh coil allows for an even heating surface, so that way you get better flavorful vapor production. No matter if you enjoy DTL (Direct-To-Lung) or MTL (Mouth-To-Lung) Vapes, there’s a AL Fakher Disposable that can certainly meet your vaping needs.