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Sicle Vapors Review:

Remember what it felt like to spend hours playing outside beneath the hot summer sun, and to be greeted by an ice-cold Popsicle once it was time to come inside? There’s something about that memory that instantly puts a smile on our faces. And, Sicle Vapors has made it their mission to recreate this nostalgic treat so that we can enjoy it to our hearts’ content without having to give a second thought to calories, sugar and so on.

Sicle Vapors has launched a series of tantalizing ejuice flavors, each inspired by the tastes of those icy little treats. Flavors like lush berries and juicy grapes are turned into lip-smacking delights that hit the spot on the hottest days of the year.

One the hottest of summertime vaping days, reach for Sicle Vapors today.