Shijin Pixy Series

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Shijin Pixy Series Review:

Remember those little plastic straws containing magical sweet and sour fruity powder? Who among us doesn’t wish that they could still indulge in that sugary treat all day long, without any risks to our overall health? Well, we may not be able to treat ourselves without the risk of cavities, but we can enjoy the next best thing, which is Shijin Pixy Series.

Shijin Vapor is an ejuice company renowned for their enormous collection of premium vape juices that boast complex, balanced flavor profiles, and their take on this iconic confection has earned them huge praise from the vaping community.

Shijin Pixy Series is a straightforward tribute to those little candy straws, providing a rich array of flavor options to satisfy each and every palate. What they all have in common is a bold fruity taste that’s amplified by a generous amount of sugar. And, while many companies rely on cheap sweeteners that taste irritatingly artificial, Shijin does no such thing, instead using high-quality flavoring extracts that offer a sweetness level that tastes thoroughly authentic.

To put things in simple terms, any vaper out there who might be a candy fiend looking for a guilt-free fix, Shijin Pixy Series is where it’s at!