Shijin Pixy Chilled Series

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Shijin Pixy Chilled Series Review:

Who doesn’t love satisfying and succulent candies? Well, if you’re looking for a guilt-free way to give your sweet tooth a quick and easy fix, and you’re also someone who loves feeling exhilarated when they vape, you’re in for a big treat. Shijin Pixy Chilled Series takes those iconic pixy dust candy straws and infuses them with ice-cold menthol. This offers a dreamy flavor combination that can only exist in the vaping universe.

Leave it to a brand like Shijin Vapor to pull this balance off beautifully, as they’re a company that’s dominated the vaping world for years with their premium, authentic-tasting and mouthwatering e-liquid flavor profiles.

Shijin Pixy Chilled Series offers a variety of flavors, meaning that everyone can find something that entices their palate. Even better, each offers that cooling finish that helps you feel refreshed while your sweet tooth enters a state of deep euphoria. Refreshingly, this particular line from Shijin has a variety of flavor options more imaginative than most traditional offerings you tend to find elsewhere, guaranteeing that the palate feels excited whenever you take a puff of vapor into your mouth and allow the clouds to satisfy.