Shijin Cereal Series

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Shijin Cereal Series Review:

Ah, cereal flavors. One of the very greatest things about vaping in general is that it lets us indulge in the treats that we used to savor without any feelings of remorse, and one of the most magical of all is that of crunchy and sugary cereal that’s positively drenched in cold and creamy milk. Now, if you’ve been around the vaping block one or two times, then you know that not all cereal flavors are created equally. The good news is that there are companies that truly strive to give you that cereal fix in a way that’s magnificently authentic, and one such company is Shijin Vapor, who generously developed their Shijin Cereal Series for cereal fanatics like us.

Shijin uses only the most carefully sourced ingredients to flawlessly recreate our very favorite crunchy treats. Whether you’re into that fruity taste that hits the spot, or a sweet and savory honey-glazed ring of goodness, you’ll find what you’re looking for. In fact, don’t be surprised if you end up grabbing everything in this collection, as it can be quite hard to pick just one.

Finally, you can indulge away without worrying about all of those annoying calories thanks to this Shijin Cereal Series!