NKD 100 Salt

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NKD 100 Salt

NKD 100 Salt Review:

If you like to get that hit of nicotine while you vape but are tired of that harsh sensation in the throat, NAKED 100 has the solution that you’ve been waiting for.

NAKED 100 is proud to present their NKD Salt Collection, an innovative vape juice line that uses salt-based nicotine. When you vape an eliquid made with these nicotine salts, you will finally be able to enjoy the perfect nicotine level without that unpleasant burn.

The NKD 100 Salt Collection is intended for pod-based systems. This vape juice line consists of the most beloved NKD 100 ejuice flavors.

Leave it to NKD 100 to create a totally innovative and satisfying way to enjoy your favorite flavors. The Salt Collection allows you to enjoy your favorite NKD 100 vape juices without any harshness whatsoever. Each of their flavors from the collection will satisfy you from head to toe while you vape the day away.