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Mob Liquid Review:

Where do we begin with Mob Liquid? These wise guys have been major mafiosos in the vape juice world for some time, and they boast so many individual ejuice lines that you’ve almost certainly tried their magnificent flavors without even knowing it. One thing that continues to astonish the vaping public is how everything they do is always out there for vapers to know how “The Family” operates.

Their collection consists of a highly eclectic mix of just about every flavor you could possibly dream up. More astoundingly is how each and every juice really does taste just like the real thing, and sometimes, it tastes even better.

Mob Liquid has something for every set of taste buds, simply put. From rich desserts to smooth and refreshing fruit blends, they’ve got it all, and you’ll be knocked off your feet by the selection. No matter what it is that you’re craving at any given moment, you’re going to find exactly what you’re looking for, and you’ll feel like you’ve just gotten punched in the palate whenever you hit your mod.